Claims analytics

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Claims analytics

Automatically detect, prevent, and enable the investigation of potential insurance fraud cases.


Minimize the cost of fraud

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Effective detection of potential fraud

A rule-based engine boosted with machine learning monitors all processes and detects new risk patterns.


Flexible and adaptable

Customize the tool to your business profile and risk appetite, personalize rules, dashboards and reporting.


Protect the business and your customers

Prevent improper payouts caused by attempted fraud and improve the average time to settle a claim.


A comprehensive, real-time fraud prevention system

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Data Consolidator

A centralized, unified view across multiple dispersed, disjoint, legacy data sets to help study, analyze and predict behaviors and outcomes.

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Investigator Suite

Investigators can find and confirm fraudulent cases and behaviors using internal and external data sources. It also includes visualization tools to assist the investigation process.

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Real-time Events Suite

This decision engine detects fraud and other anomalies in real-time in any operational process and immediately sends any relevant information to the investigators.

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Case Management

Each case offers complete information related to potential fraud. It has built-in email notifications, but you can integrate a 3rd party alert system.

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Interactive Reporting

Our solution has extensive reporting capabilities. All reports are fully configurable, and you can add new ones based on each user's profile, needs, and requirements.

What our clients say about Claims Analytics

Our collaboration with ZCAM has been excellent. I want to highlight their great patience, will, professionalism and perseverance to achieve the proposed goals despite all the setbacks. We have always felt supported.

Chief Underwriting Officer

Zurich Chile

ZCAM has surprised us with their level of commitment, engagement, and quality of their deliveries. They have always been flexible, kind, and patient, and their knowledge of the insurance business is key for the project progress.

Counter Fraud Manager

Zurich Brazil

Data modeling
Data modeling

Power up your fraud prevention and detection with AI and NLP

Our solution uses multiple AI and machine learning predictive models to develop customer behavioral patterns and increase the effectiveness of fraud prediction and detection.

We also use Natural Language Processing modules to find hidden relationships between different people, organizations, and places.

In addition, we have a strong experience in topic modeling to identify emerging trends and patterns in claims data.