Customer centricity

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Customer centricity

Predict the products and services that your customers need.


A powerful recommendation engine for your agents

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Meet their needs

Your agents can get personalized, data-driven suggestions of the products and services most likely to satisfy each customer’s needs.

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Deeper relationships

Your distribution team can get tailored recommendations for the next best actions to engage with their customers and reduce customer churn.

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Increase satisfaction

Customer Centricity uses customer segmentation insights to predict the most effective communication approach and style for each client.


Put the customer at the center of your business

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Deeper customer knowledge

ZCAM uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to process data on customer demographics, behaviors, and purchased products and services.

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Loyalize Customers

Identify and analyze customers' needs and opportunities to engage and offer relevant products and services.

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Customer Lifetime Value scoring

Knowing your customer’s lifetime value is critical to guiding both marketing and sales strategies. Now you can understand the true value of each customer beyond premium contribution.

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Distribution network scoring

Establish a transparent system to score individual performance, track sales activities, optimize incentives and increase the performance of the entire distribution network.

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Smart campaign management

By intelligently combining multiple products, channels, and time points, ZCAM can help you prioritize the customers more likely to convert.

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Integrate external segmentation

Improve the effectiveness by integrating external segmentation to understand better the local market and increase customer knowledge.

What our clients say about Customer Centricity

We are overcoming a great number of challenges thanks to ZCAM’s help with reporting, developments, suggestions, and learnings.

Special Project Manager Distribution

Zurich Portugal

Our collaboration with ZCAM has helped accelerate lead management and gain a better understanding of customer behaviors. They create additional value on all levels.

Head of Distribution

Zurich Switzerland

ZCAM has been a real retail business accelerator for our agencies and a new way to develop customer policy density. This has a positive impact on retention and on the agency portfolio profitability.

Sales Development Support

Zurich Italy


A customized solution for your challenges

We can integrate Customer Centricity easily into existing tools, maintaining an intuitive user experience. People from all backgrounds and experience levels can act on useful, data-driven insights from day one.

We work with you to tailor the implementation to your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Data modeling
Data modeling

Predictive models to increase effectiveness

Our advanced data science and machine learning technology helps Zurich compete more effectively in today's marketplace.

ZCAM implements predictive models that enhance both agency employee effectiveness and their ability to engage with relevant products and services.