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Intelligent Automation

Let your employees focus on critical tasks by automating manual processes.


Optimize your resources to provide world-class customer service

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Help your team focus on higher-value tasks

Let customer service dedicate more time and resources to critical tasks by automating manual processes.

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Exceptional service to more customers

Automate inbound requests to provide excellent, fast service to more clients and optimize your resources.

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Less response time, improved accuracy

Make decisions faster and with improved accuracy by applying automation to repetitive tasks.


A journey towards digital maturity

Intelligent automation is a suite of products that enable a fully digital business model with automated customer processes and rapid insights from unstructured data.

Our product portfolio can support your business no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey:

  • Exploration stage: No or little automation implemented.
  • Acceleration stage: Simple tasks automated with learning algorithms.
  • Mastery stage: Each employee can have a digital assistant. 


Product suite

The Intelligent Automation product suite

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Triage and Task Allocation

Route and process emails or documents more efficiently to the right team or workflow system. The product is powered by AI, with minimal human intervention.

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Information Extraction

Use AI to automatically extract entities like name, address, and more from any document in several languages. Save time and improve accuracy by reducing human error.

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Contract Analytics

Search and analyze insurance contracts to identify weak and ambiguous wording, and replace with alternatives that reduce litigation risks and contract leakage.

What our clients say about Intelligent Automation

For cases where we can apply intelligent automation, we save about 50% of the time compared to the previous manual creation process.

TST Team Leader

Zurich Canada

ZCAM Intelligent Automation has made the process simpler and quicker, allowing me to take on more challenging tasks, which has been good for my professional development.

Underwriting Services

Zurich UK

I used to spend half my day going through emails and actioning them. Now I have so much more capacity to do other work.

Underwriting Services

Zurich UK


We help you at every step of the way

We work together with you to ensure project success through 4 key steps:



Identify processes and activities with potential for automation.


In-depth process and activity review to define process maturity.


Prepare data governance and data collection models for automation.


Set up automation, monitor results, and calibrate machine learning models.

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Data modelling

A pre-trained model for a faster deployment

To make the Intelligent Automation solution as effective as possible, we pre-trained the model with thousands of emails, attachments, and insurance wording.

This approach ensures that the solution has a strong foundation in insurance language and reduces the time needed to train the model for your specific use case.